“Fluorescent minerals”

One of the biggest fluorescent mineral collections in Europe.
At daytime they look common-just grey, yellowish or brown rocks. Under the invisible ultraviolet rays they shine in all colours of the rainbow.
On display – minerals from America, Canada, Mexico, Rumania, France, Latvia and other countries of the world.

Globally new exhibition – fluorescent mineral art. Unique works of art are made when environmental philosophy combines with mineral fluorescence. 

“Rocks and minerals”

Minerals of Latvia and gorgeous semiprecious and precious stones from other countries of the world.
         NEW! Visitors of the Museum of Natural History can see samples of Brecciated jasper found in Latvia.

“Agates – mirror of Nature majesty”

Pictures, ornaments and shapes with similarity of our everyday life, created in agates by nature

“Shells and mussells”

In exhibition specimens from Latvia and other countries

“Our earth"

Exhibition gives information about Earth, its development and different geological and ecological processes

“Migration of animals”

Information about animal tricks and secrets which help to survive them during long journeys


Butterflies, beetles and forest insects from Latvia and other countries surprise with rich patterns and colours

Active workshops:

„Nature under a Stereomicroscope”

“Sonorous Wood – notes”

“Environmental touch screen"